3 comments on “Review: FINAL CURSE – “Way of the Accursed”

    • Listen up people. This is the band we have been preying to the metal gods for since Metallica went to shit. Im 43 and have been listening to thrash death and the rest since the 80s and before. We all get excited when we hear a band that gives us a good song or does this well or does that ok. This band does all of it the way it is supposed to be done. Tough cleanish barked vocals, tight ass drums, relentless pummeling rhythm and tight leads. And it is on every freaking song. Not 2 or 4 all of them. If a song requires a 45 second interlude so be it. The moshes, break downs tempo changes before solos all of it is just so damn good. They dont give a shit about 3 minute formulas. If this is the beginning of greatness and I cant wait for the next album, becuase thats what you get…All great music not 2 decent songs. KEEP THRASHIN GUYS!!

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